On a Roll: One Small Step for Reusable Rockets

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is on a roll.  Not literally of course, that would be bad.  More importantly, SpaceX noted on their Twitter feed that roll rate of the Falcon 9 first stage booster was close to zero.  Why is that so important that SpaceX felt the need to highlight it?

“Last known state for rocket boost stage is 360 m/s, Mach 1.1, 8.5 km altitude and roll rate close to zero (very…

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Space Image Keeps Loch Ness Myth Alive

Image from Express.co.uk. Click on the image to go to the site.

In a weird, but probably inevitable and predictable use of satellite imagery, someone thinks a few satellite images “prove” the Loch Ness Monster is lurking below the lake’s waves.  The postto which the above image is linked, is at least trying to make that connection.  But, it might take a true imagery analyst to figure out what is…

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From German Tunnels to Space, Part 5–Liberation

In the previous post, slave prison laborers were working underground in a mountain, building rockets for the NAZIs.  The slaves were very literally worked to death, producing hundreds of V2 rockets a month.

Ruthless People, Brutal Numbers

Between April 1944 and March 1945, the slaves produced about 4,575 V2 rockets .  The conditions they worked in remained hellish.  They barely had any food and…

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Win A (Sky)box Full of Imagery

Box full of imagery

Do you have a need?  More specifically, do you have a need for European Space Imaging data using Skybox satellite imagery worth 20,000 Euros?  What about your mom?  Your dad?  Okay–how about your school?  Ah, there we go.

That’s right, Copernicus-Masters has issued a challenge, and the prize to that challenge is Skybox imagery.  What’s the challenge?  Well, use your imagination.  No, really,…

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NASA’s Hovering Mighty Eagle

The Eagle is flying (or at least hovering).  Image from NASA’s site. Click on it to go there.

I’ve been interested in SpaceX’s Grasshopper and the ability to launch, hover, and land it on the same launch pad.  You can go to one of my posts, here, to see that feat.  But I feel I should give NASA its due.  NASA is developing a robotic lander that for now they’ve named the “Mighty Eagle.”  The…

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Name a Cassini Mission

Image on the NASA.gov website. Click to embiggen and go to the site.

Are you clever?  Do you appreciate space missions?  Are you good with names?  If you said yes to all three questions, then you, my friend, should head over to the Cassini Solstice Missionpage.  Put your talents to work, and select, or submit, a name for the final phase of the Cassini Solstice mission.  For those interested in…

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DIY Space: “Space Coffee” Brew Directions

DIY: “Space Coffee” Brew Directions

Mission Essential Equipment--the coffee machine NEVER breaks!

Mission Essential Equipment–the coffee machine NEVER breaks!

It’s time for my own contribution to DIY Space.  Some say God was tired on the first day, then created and brewed coffee to drink so he could work the next five.  Our good fortune, then, and we humans continue working in the heavens imbibing in coffee as well.  So, yes–In Space Everyone Drinks Coffee.

Coffee is the lifeblood of any…

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Why Space Matters: 2014 FIFA World Cup—30,000 Hours of It


This is more of a **yawn** for me, as I’m not the biggest sports fan in the world.  Maybe not even the millionth biggest.  But there are a lot of people who inexplicably are–especially those soccer (“football” for everyone not in the US) fans.

Good news then, for those fans:  satellites and frequencies have been allotted to ensure Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) goals…

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Design a Solar System—Be a Space-God

You Spin Me Right Round--Haven't crashed my planets, yet.

You Spin Me Right Round–Haven’t crashed my planets, yet.

Or if you don’t want the title of Space-God then at least this show off your attempts to build a solar system and eventually get over 150,000,000 points.  The game, Super Planet Crash, is free to play in your browser.  The game’s designer, Stefano Meschiari, states on his site that the game will even play on most tablets.

Stefano is…

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Micro-Sat Communications Over Australia (Plus 2 DIY Space Projects)

No, this isn't really how it works...

No, this isn’t really how it works…

Between my previous post about Planet Labs’ New Zealand remote terminal, and this postabout Australian communications satellites winning an communications innovation award, it’d be easy to think something is in the water down under.  Like Planet Labs, Australia is using micro satellites, but, for now, they are using the satellites for communications and not…

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