DIY Space: Build A LEGO ISS

DIY Space: Build A LEGO ISS

The LEGO ISS. Image from the LEGO Ideas site.

Okay, okay!  Really this is about voting for the ability to build the International Space Station out of LEGOs.  Found on the LEGO Ideas website, this particular LEGO model of the ISS stands out because of the details the designer, XCLD, put into it.  There are over 1000 LEGO pieces that have gone into the design and it looks pretty neat.

The thing…

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Geckos of the Lost Ark

Geckos of the Lost Ark

Space Gecko


According to this MSN news post, a Russian satellite containing some mushrooms, lizards and flies might come back to Earth in a hard, fiery, non-survivable way.  The lizards are geckos and the flies are the California favorite:  fruit flies.  The mushrooms are just mushrooms.  All of the creatures are probably oblivious to the unexpected end of their mission.  The Huffington post notest…

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SpaceX Falcon 9 “Lands”

SpaceX Falcon 9 “Lands”

This is very cool (no matter what the naysayers say).  SpaceX just released a video (shown below) from their latest Falcon 9 launch of ORBCOMM satellites.  Except, they aren’t focusing on the rocket’s launch, but its landing.

That’s right, as they’ve said they would do all along, SpaceX keeps testing their rockets’ abilities for…

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What If the Sun’s Magnetic Field Flipped And Nobody Noticed?

What If the Sun’s Magnetic Field Flipped And Nobody Noticed?

The “wavy sheet” of the sun’s electrical current. Image hosted on

More specifically, the sun’s magnetic field went topsy-turvy sometime in November or December of 2013, according to this USA Today post.  That sounds bad, doesn’t it?  But the post notes that the sun’s magnetic field flips about every 11 years.  And of course, everything still seems to be working in spite of the most…

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The Ship Who Sang

The Ship Who Sang

Image hosted on

There are those readers out there who will get the Anne McCaffrey reference–the rest should eventually take time to read that fun book.  Unlike the book’s protagonist, a ship with a living brain that eventually sings, this post is about a satellite named Ulises 1 that will “sing” to the people of Earth once it’s in orbit.  The site,, initially caught my eye…

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Humans Last Set Foot on the Moon 42 years Ago

Humans Last Set Foot on the Moon 42 years Ago


Yesterday marked an anniversary in space history which made the news:  a man first stepped on the moon.  This occurred 45 years ago, on July 20, 1969, so I wasn’t even on this Earth yet.  But it was a big deal, with no precedent, and helped build a lot more interest in space.  There wasn’t any reason to think the momentum would stop.  But this walking didn’t last very long.

Would it be even more…

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DIY Space: Print in Spaaaace—In 3-D

DIY Space: Print in Spaaaace–In 3-D

Yep, that’s a 3-D printer lurking there. Image from

Imagine designing the most ingenious piece of 3-D printed goodness, and then having it printed–IN SPACE!  If you’re an American child in one of the grades from K through 12, you might be able to make that happen.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation…

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A Post Today

A Post Today

The inspiration for this article happened a few weeks ago.  It’s not really related to space except that it did happen to me.  Who knows, one of you might find it useful.  Job-hunting can be so frustrating, especially in specialized fields, like space.  And especially if a applicant tries to make a lateral move to something not so specialized.  So, here’s a link to the article (it’s short):  Deal…

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Croney and the Bandit (Or Why Space Needs Full Privatization)

Pricey and the Bandit

This most definitely is opinion.  There must be some doubt about the effectiveness of Alabama Senator Richard Shelby’s legislative poison pillagainst new space launch providers like SpaceX and Orbital.  Another attack has been launched, this time against SpaceX’s credibility of how it builds and operates its rockets.  The attack comes from three Representatives (we’ll call them the “C” team),…

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