DIY Space: Print Your Own Spacecraft

DIY Space: Print Your Own Spacecraft

3D model of Kepler. It’s yours, for free. Just go to the NASA 3D Resources site. That’s where this picture came from.

Have you ever wanted to build the Kepler satellite?  What about the current crowd favorite, the International Sun Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3)?  Or maybe you appreciate textures and just want to touch things, such as the moon’s surface, space shuttle flight panels (with switches),…

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Providing Information Equality with Satellites

Providing Information Equality with Satellites

Outernet’s prototype portable satellite receiver dish terminal. Image from Outernet.

Outernet is proposing to broadcast information, via satellite, to portable base stations that are also wireless networks.  The wireless networks would be free and open to the very poor around the world.  Outernet wants to provide information equality to those poor people.

They mean well, I suppose.  And it’s a…

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I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

Image from DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3–at 40 cm resolution. Not so bad, eh? Image hosted on DigitalGlobe’s site.

Well, maybe not me specifically, and certainly not right now. However, if someone really wanted to watch me closely, then DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite looks like it might be a decent tool to use for that.

DigitalGlobe just released an announcementand a few images produced…

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More Rabbits on the Moon?

More Rabbits on the Moon?

The big guy is Moonraker, the one following is Tetris. Image hosted on

There are several teams competing for Google’s Lunar XPRIZE.  One team is going their own way, because instead of using just one robot, the team, Hakuto (which is Japanese for rabbit), is using two.  The following information comes from’s recent post about Hakuto and the robot duo they are prototyping.


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Uncovering Secret Sativa Farms From Space

Uncovering Secret Sativa Farms From Space

Image from Xinhua, hosted on South China Morning Post Site.

Looks like some regional Chinese officials on the take have been found out, thanks to Chinese imagery satellites.  According to this South China Morning Post article, the first of the latest generation of Chinese imagery satellites, Gaofen-1, has been imaging an area in China that contained a very big marijuana farm.  The whacky weed…

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Rain from SpaceLight

Using frickin’ lasers on satellites… Image hosted on Wikipedia.

There are smarties out there who knew about this kind of thing already, but I never professed to be a smartie.  And the information in this Motherboard post is quite fascinating.  There is not just one, but TWO proposals for using lasers on satellites to help “adjust” the Earth’s climate.  Captain Planetwould be very proud.  And no,…

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DIY Space: Balloons and Balls

DIY Space: Balloons and Balls

Captain Kangaroo loved ping pong balls. Just ask him. Image hosted on Photobucket from Sodahead.

27,000 were used for re-floating a boat.  They’ve been shot at high speeds out of air cannons.  Captain Kangaroo enjoyed a daily shower of them.  But there’s a person that’s determined to get them into space, too.  What is it that’s the object of all this activity?  Ping pong balls!  The person who’s…

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Rockzip’s Inflated Dreams

Rockzip’s Inflated Dreams

Image on Rockzip site, hosted by Kickstarter.

Rockzip Highballoon’s mission“is to improve life on Earth by giving people a new angle from which to solve difficult problems.”  How are they proposing to do give people that new angle?  By simply launching a “highballoon” about 75,000 ft or a little over 14 miles high.  That’s right, this isn’t about satellites, but about balloons that might do work…

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McMoons: Controlling Satellites from the Drive-thru

McMoons: Controlling Satellites from the Drive-thru was kind enough to post one of my newer submissions.  Proof that an operations control center can be set up pretty much anywhere, with this one controlling ISEE-3.  Just click on the following link to read about it:  McMoons: Controlling Satellites from the Drive-thru.

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Spacecraft for the Dead

Spacecraft for the Dead

The Earth Rise package. Image from Celestis site.

It’s quite expensive get a person up into the Earth’s orbit.  For the National Aeronautics and Space administration (NASA), it’s VERY expensive.  They pay the Russian space agency about $70.6 millionper astronaut to ferry them to the International Space Station (ISS).  That’s more than World-Hopper passes for a family of four to the Disney World…

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