The Ship Who Sang

The Ship Who Sang

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There are those readers out there who will get the Anne McCaffrey reference–the rest should eventually take time to read that fun book.  Unlike the book’s protagonist, a ship with a living brain that eventually sings, this post is about a satellite named Ulises 1 that will “sing” to the people of Earth once it’s in orbit.  The site,, initially caught my eye…

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Humans Last Set Foot on the Moon 42 years Ago

Humans Last Set Foot on the Moon 42 years Ago


Yesterday marked an anniversary in space history which made the news:  a man first stepped on the moon.  This occurred 45 years ago, on July 20, 1969, so I wasn’t even on this Earth yet.  But it was a big deal, with no precedent, and helped build a lot more interest in space.  There wasn’t any reason to think the momentum would stop.  But this walking didn’t last very long.

Would it be even more…

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DIY Space: Print in Spaaaace—In 3-D

DIY Space: Print in Spaaaace–In 3-D

Yep, that’s a 3-D printer lurking there. Image from

Imagine designing the most ingenious piece of 3-D printed goodness, and then having it printed–IN SPACE!  If you’re an American child in one of the grades from K through 12, you might be able to make that happen.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation…

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A Post Today

A Post Today

The inspiration for this article happened a few weeks ago.  It’s not really related to space except that it did happen to me.  Who knows, one of you might find it useful.  Job-hunting can be so frustrating, especially in specialized fields, like space.  And especially if a applicant tries to make a lateral move to something not so specialized.  So, here’s a link to the article (it’s short):  Deal…

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Croney and the Bandit (Or Why Space Needs Full Privatization)

Pricey and the Bandit

This most definitely is opinion.  There must be some doubt about the effectiveness of Alabama Senator Richard Shelby’s legislative poison pillagainst new space launch providers like SpaceX and Orbital.  Another attack has been launched, this time against SpaceX’s credibility of how it builds and operates its rockets.  The attack comes from three Representatives (we’ll call them the “C” team),…

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Where is Space Traffic Control?


In response to this site’s previous posts, my most curious spouse asked a very common-sense question: who controls what gets launched into the Earth’s orbit?  For that matter, who controls what rockets get launched?  My initial response was that price had controlled the launching of satellites into orbit.  There was a time, not too long ago, when money was the gatekeeper and determined who could…

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Is Space Becoming More Accessible for Terrorists?

Is Space Becoming More Accessible for Terrorists? (part 2)

Terrorists Will be Using Space.  Image from Nellyfus on Flickr.  MoD added.

Sometime in the future, terrorists will be using space. Image from Nellyfus on Flickr. MoD added.

Part 2

In part 1 of these posts, we noted the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) basically said it was worried that terrorists will put satellites up in space within 31 years from this year.  Then the MoD gave examples, which while related to space, weren’t satellites or rockets.  The article

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Is Space Becoming More Accessible for Terrorists?

GPS Jamme Part 1

Well, somebody has to mention it to sell the papers sometime, and this time it was the Times of India.  The story is that the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is predicting bad guys are going to be able to launch their own nefarious satellites on rockets owned by private companies.  Even worse, they predict this will happen by 2045 OR EARLIER!!!


This is such a…

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DIY Space: Two-fer—Build Your Own Satellite and Track It

Yes, there’s a book about this sort of thing now. Image from

These two DIY projects are straight from the DIY Space Exploration website.  One project tells you how to build a picosat, the other tells you how to track it.  You can read each one in whatever order you fancy, but if you intend to actually accomplish each project, then you should probably build your picosat before…

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Satellite Limitations Searching for MH370

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It’s been awhile since there’s been anything said about the mission Malaysian MH370 passenger jet,  That’s good, because maybe it allows investigators to investigate.  It’s potentially bad if the entire investigation has been dropped (doesn’t appear to be the case though–read about that, here).

Some image swaths of the area. Image hosted on

It appears…

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